Should We Stop Smoking?

By Wensi Shen

Cigarettes are one of the most common things in the world. According to the statistics, there is almost one billon people in the world have the habit to smoke. In other words, there is one person smoking among every six people. That is a really huge number!

In China, the tax of tobacco products is to reach to 27.33 billion dollar one year. We can see that tax of tobacco products occupy a large amount in total tax in China. It is a good thing for China now because the more tax that Chinese government can receive, the more welfare that Chinese people can take. However, as more and more people have the smoking habit, it will bring the bad consequence to not only China, but also the whole world in the long run.

Nicotine, the poison chemical component in the cigarette, is harmful for the human body. If a person continuously smokes for years, his or her lung and other organs will be destroyed and even incur cancerous cells to grow. In the recent years, lung cancer has become among one of the most prevalent cancers in the world. Cigarettes not only make people to become unhealthy, but also it brings the problem to the world health care. In future years, if we do not discourage people from smoking, we may lose a clean planet and healthy bodies, which will affect the whole world including developed and developing economies and the environment.

For example, a country needs people who have healthy bodies to develop. Labor strength is very important factor in a counties’ developing process. Smoking will incur diseases and affect the environment quality. As the government of country, they should focus on increasing the tax income, but the most important is that they should concentrate on developing a country in a “healthier” way. Banning smoking is one of the most important steps in this process. Stopping smoking is difficult and it will need all of us get together to make it happen.


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7 responses to “Should We Stop Smoking?

  1. I strongly agree with ur statement that we all should give up smoking, but we also know that the process of smoking cessation isn’t as that easy as we thought. That’s y there are large sums of smokers around any corner. Gradually, people try the electronic one without nicotine and it works a bit.


  2. deeen4ik

    As an ex-smoker myself I can strongly agree with your post. Smoking affects not only physical, but mental abilities as well. As to some steps of banning the smoking I think starting with media sources like movies and tv-series to have a limited (or none at all) amount of time they can expose a person smoking could be a place to start.


  3. I think that the high tax can help people get rid of smoking. China declined in Qing dynasty because of opium. I think smoking will affect people’s both mental and physical aspects. it is necessary to increase tax to help the country develop more efficiently.


  4. I do agree that smoking can affect the economic activity of a nation in a bad way. A country needs healthy workers to support and build its economy. However, smoking is not a habit one can get rid of easily. I think that one of the most effective ways to reduce smoking among people is to increase the price of cigarettes. The higher the price, the lower the demand for cigarettes should be. The Chinese government could also try to increase the legal age of smoking to at least delay the age at which people start smoking.


  5. I agree that smoking is very harmful and in many cases does lead to lung cancer or even deaths, and this is a major issue that should be dealt with. But the complication comes to ethics I believe, and to what extent can the government or an individual tell another one what they can or cant do, after all it is their lives and they choose to do with it what they please. I believe an even better solution would be to create awareness and spread out the word of the actual effects it has, many advertisements tend to exaggerate the impacts it might have, and that causes the consumers to ignore those comments or ads. The raising awareness of the effects of smoking cigarettes has caused a decrease in the consumption as shown in the graphs above, demonstrating a positive reaction to the situation.


  6. As much as we wish that everyone would stop smoking, we also know that it will never happen. However, although we cannot stop everyone from smoking, a good suggestion made is by increasing the tax of cigarettes. Some companies would not want to increase their price too high because it would mean that demand would fall. Government can intervene by setting a price floor for cigarettes. Aside from the health effects, smoking contribute negatively to the earth as it release pollutants. But we must also keep in mind of other things we can do to reduce pollutants, such as using the public transportation instead of our personal vehicles.


  7. Dear Wensi,

    Smoking is a personal choice for an individual. It would be very difficult to expect all people who smoke to stop smoking. But it is very important to recognize not only does smoking affect the people who choose to smoke and the wellbeing of their health, smoking also affects surrounding people and the wellbeing of the broader economy. Even if all smokers are not able to stop smoking, just a few who stop might be able to make an impact, little by little.

    ~Professor Myra Chaudhary


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