Who is Boko Haram?

By Brittney Ifemembi

Boko Haram is a Nigerian Islamic Militant group that is attempting to overthrow the government and create an Islamic state. They are against all western ideals such as voting in elections and receiving secular education. They believe that Nigeria is being run by non-believers. Boko Haram is responsible for multiple bombings, assassinations and kidnappings around the country. Nigeria has done a poor job of controlling Boko Haram. About one year ago, President Goodluck Jonathan declared Nigeria in state of emergency. He only declared this state of emergency because of international pressure after the 200 girls were kidnapped from Chibok. Since his declaration nothing has improved. President Jonathan has said that the problem with Boko Haram is an international problem, but in reality it is a problem that Nigeria needs to try to solve itself before bringing in outside help.

Boko Haram’s success is a product of the high amounts of corruption and instability in the Nigerian government. The president’s advisors are down playing the situation saying that the north “manufactured” Boko Haram as a politics play. Jonathan has distanced himself from the situation because of his advisors suspicions and he believes the less he does the less incompetent he looks. If he puts in efforts to stop Boko Haram and fails he looks like he is unable to protect his people like a leader should. If Nigeria continues to ignore the problem with Boko Haram could completely overtake the Nigerian government. With the recent election of Jonathan’s successor; General Muhammadu Buhari there is hope for improvement. Buhari plans to decrease the amount of corruption in the Nigerian government and attack Boko Haram more directly. Hopefully the change in leadership will be a large step toward defeating Boko Haram and bringing peace to the people of Nigeria.

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