Inequality Struggles

By Diego Ramos

All growing economies and expanding countries will experiences improvements in infrastructure and luxury goods within their society. New cars, new technology, new buildings, new streets, are examples of how countries can adapt and change due to their growing economies. While the minority takes advantage of this in the short term and get rich, the majority of the population fails to do so. This creates inequality throughout the society, maybe even a greater one than they faced in the past. Fortunately I have never been in a situation where this has impacted me greatly, but often I do sit back and try to imagine what it would be like on the other side.

Growing up in many different countries like I did, I was able to experience many different cultures, countries, and differences that they all have. The most impacting places where inequality was seen drastically were in Venezuela and Brazil. In those two countries, it was impressive how you could see how the minority would live in luxury houses, have luxury cars, attend the most expensive schools, clubs, and so one. While the majority, on the other hand would live a completely different reality. My concern would be a question of ethics, and how countries, or individuals should deal with inequalities in their population? It must be really difficult for a person that is struggling to put food on the table and provide a secure shelter for their family to be observing meters away people living the opposite reality. In Brazil, there is a very famous picture of a building that demonstrates this situation of inequality; it shows a luxury building and right besides it, the biggest favela of Sao Paulo. Doesn’t this just create envy or a problematic reaction from those less fortunate? It’s like showing them a toy they will never be able to have.

I am not saying that this is an excuse for all the crimes and robberies that occur in these areas or even the whole country, but it might be an aspect to consider. It provokes those less fortunate, as all they can see all day, even from their houses are things that they can’t have. Spreading out the inequalities in the country by areas maybe might help create incentives for the different communities to grow independent of their social status. Working together they can achieve much more, and what easier way to do it than with people facing your same conditions. Same thing applies to all social classes, they can all work together and improve their economy and also decrease the inequality they currently face.