Should economic development live in harmony with environmental preservation?

By Shengyou Pan

It seems that the global economy has developed at an astounding rate and its  impacts on environment has become an unavoidable and irresistible problem for many regions in the world. Most people might remember the BP oil spill occurring in 2010 issue which caused tremendous hazards to both people living around North Atlantic Ocean and organizations or companies relying on that regions for developments and profits .Upon on reading this blog, I tend to call on people to lay emphasis on environmental protection and the sustainable development when people pursue the economic  profits .


Last year, I went to Canada with my parents on a summer holiday, and I was amazed by the awesome beauty and the excellent natural environment of that country. It is widely known that there are five great lakes in Canada and it guarantees one third of the world’s supply of fresh water. Most of the electricity is produced by water so it produces no pollution .Also Canada has a variety of natural resources , such as coal, oil and natural gas, and all these resources are exploited for energy ,creating no pollutants at all during the whole process. Why does this country pay so much to sustain its environment rather than gain economic benefits directly? I assume that the Canadian government is so wise that it sticks to all these environmentally friendly conducts and policies, which make Canada attractive not only to overseas visitors but also local residents. Especially When I arrived in Vancouver , I came to know that it  ranks among the top-ten of the world’s most livable cities for five straight years and this result brings itself enormous revenues. Therefore, it is justifiable to say that that environmental protection is the most effective and efficient way to stimulate economic advancement and by no means can we individuals ignore the significance of preserving the ecosystem and the environment when  seeking  economic  interests .


Back to some deprived countries in Africa, they are not considerate on how to balance the economic progression and environment protection. They give priority to economic development by logging trees or dumping the wasted sewage to its rivers so as to earn the money which is at the expense of environmental degradation. Obviously, the economic revenue can only be achieved in a  short term and the environmental ruins cannot be restored ,so these financially disadvantaged countries should reconsider this business with broader vision and deeper insight.