Bigger Shopping Trolleys

By Wenxin Yi

Have you ever noticed that the size of shopping trolley in supermarket has become bigger and bigger? Have you ever thought of why this kind of change may happen? This blog will talk about the reason and the impact of the changed size of shopping trolley in the supermarket.

What can be seen from the changed size of shopping trolley is that people’s living standard has been improved as time goes by. Compared your living standard now with that ten years ago, almost every family has a much better living standard due to personal efforts and government policies. The increase of disposable income promotes the demand of food. As the demand of food becomes more various, food in the supermarket tends to be more various as well. As a consequence of more goods available to consumers, the size of shopping trolley becomes bigger to satisfy consumers’ need.

In addition, the larger area of people’s houses and the popularity of private cars also influence the size of shopping trolley. Take my grandparents as an example in this case. In the past, they lived in countryside which was not developing at all. The house they were living in was only approximately fifty squares. It means there was not enough space to store a lot of food. However, now they are living in a much bigger house, so it offers my grandmother an opportunity to store as many food as she wants. Besides the change in housing proportion, the popularity of private cars also a factor causing the difference. Also the example of my grandmother. In the past, she needed to take bus or taxi to supermarket to bring all the stuff back home. After my father bought his own car, he could send my grandmother to supermarket and put everything she buys at the trunk. Also, the elevator helps to delivery food as well.

On the other hand, the supermarkets need to offer a better shopping environment to attract more consumers. According to the relationship between demand and supply, once the demand of food increases, what the supermarket should do is increasing the variety of food supply. Also, if a supermarket wants to attract more consumers than others, it is supposed to offer food which could not be found in other supermarket. So as a result of business competition, supermarkets prefer to offer larger shopping trolleys to promote consumers’ consumption.

Although the changed size of shopping trolley is a tiny change in our life, it is not hard to see that people’s living standard has improved a lot in recent years. Only if everyone makes their efforts to live better and the government pays more attention to people’s living standard, can our life become better and better.


Should We Stop Smoking?

By Wensi Shen

Cigarettes are one of the most common things in the world. According to the statistics, there is almost one billon people in the world have the habit to smoke. In other words, there is one person smoking among every six people. That is a really huge number!

In China, the tax of tobacco products is to reach to 27.33 billion dollar one year. We can see that tax of tobacco products occupy a large amount in total tax in China. It is a good thing for China now because the more tax that Chinese government can receive, the more welfare that Chinese people can take. However, as more and more people have the smoking habit, it will bring the bad consequence to not only China, but also the whole world in the long run.

Nicotine, the poison chemical component in the cigarette, is harmful for the human body. If a person continuously smokes for years, his or her lung and other organs will be destroyed and even incur cancerous cells to grow. In the recent years, lung cancer has become among one of the most prevalent cancers in the world. Cigarettes not only make people to become unhealthy, but also it brings the problem to the world health care. In future years, if we do not discourage people from smoking, we may lose a clean planet and healthy bodies, which will affect the whole world including developed and developing economies and the environment.

For example, a country needs people who have healthy bodies to develop. Labor strength is very important factor in a counties’ developing process. Smoking will incur diseases and affect the environment quality. As the government of country, they should focus on increasing the tax income, but the most important is that they should concentrate on developing a country in a “healthier” way. Banning smoking is one of the most important steps in this process. Stopping smoking is difficult and it will need all of us get together to make it happen.